tin chapel

Originally just a recording project started in the summer of 2013 that ex Reverse members Dan Rowley and Nick Sharratt began writing songs for, what is now; Tin Chapels' debut album. As recording progressed with help from ex Agent Blue drummer Matt Jones and ex Burst front man and solo artist Andy Gower, there became a need for female vocals to fulfil third harmony parts, which is when The Nanateas and The Penny Dreadfuls drummer Angela Lazenby became involved. With Angela's increasing involvement on both drums, vocally and musical input, plus the need to perform the tracks live, in February 2014, Tin Chapel was formed. Nick on Vocals and Bass, Angela on Vocals and drums and Dan on Vocals and guitar. 

Tin Chapels self titled album was released in February 2015. The songs are full of melodies and harmonies and draw influence from Aimee Mann, Jacqui Abbott and Paul Heaton, Buffalo Tom, The Flaming Lips. Another big influence are local 90's hero's Venus Beads, which is where the name Tin Chapel originated, a favoured song which unfortunately never made it past the demo stage.